Focused Ion Beam


Focused Ion Beam

Focused Ion Beam systems utilize a highly focused beam of ions to locally sputter/mill materials. By milling a sample surface with the FIB, buried regions of a sample can be exposed.  When equipped with a GIS (gas injection system) the ion beam can be used to locally deposit materials.  The FIB is frequently used for sub-micron sample preparation for transmission electron microscopy (TEM) when traditional manual methods do not provide the precision needed. Coupled with an Omniprobe in-situ lift-out system, there is a higher rate of success on one-of-a-kind samples.  FIB techniques are primarily used in microelectronics to look at device cross-sections to verify process parameters, process changes, manufacturing defects or failures.  Additionally, FIBS can be used for circuit modification, voltage contrast analysis, and micro-machining



  • FEI Strata 400S Dual Beam
  • Beam FIB with Omniprobe insitu lift out and STEM

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