Raw Materials

Raw Materials Qualification

Cerium Labs has strict quality standards so we can provide

routine analysis of your raw materials. 

Solvents and Acids

Cerium Labs can test high purity solvents and acids (IPA, NMP, Sulfuric Acid and others) for metals contamination with detection limits as low as single digit parts per trillion (ppt).

  • Ultra pure analysis with ppt detection limits – HR-ICP-MS
  • Low grade chemicals with parts per million detection limits – ICPOES

Ultra Pure Water

Cerium Labs will monitor your UPW POU for trace metals and organics.

  • Trace metals analysis – HR-ICP-MS
  • Organic Carbon analysis – TOC
  • Anion/Cation contamination – IC

Bulk solids

We test high purity materials (Si, quartz are 2 examples) for metals contamination with DLs as low as single digit ppts.


Cerium Labs has developed novel approaches for testing impurities in gases.

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