Materials Research

Advanced Materials Research

Our expert scientists can assist you in the characterization

of your novel materials.

Composition Analysis |

Composition Analysis

We can measure the chemical properties of your materials.   Elemental composition and bonding of bulk materials as well as elemental depth profiles of multi-component systems.

  • Near surface composition (% level) and binding energy XPS
  • Bulk elemental composition EDS
  • Composition and thickness of thin films on substrates RBS
  • Organic composition and molecular fingerprint identification FTIR
  • Thin film and trace contamination analysis SIMS
Microstructure |


Micro and macro crystallinity of your materials can analyzed  to provide understanding of changes in various growth parameters.

  • Crystallinity (phase identification) and grain size analysis of bulk materials XRD
  • Micro-crystallinity (phase identification) TEM
  • Grain size and surface analysis SEM
Surface Characterization |

Surface Characterization

Surface analysis such as roughness and composition can be tested.

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