Materials Research

Advanced Materials Research

Our expert scientists can assist you in the characterization

of your novel materials.

Composition Analysis

We can measure the chemical properties of your materials.   Elemental composition and bonding of bulk materials as well as elemental depth profiles of multi-component systems.

  • Near surface composition (% level) and binding energy XPS
  • Bulk elemental composition EDS
  • Composition and thickness of thin films on substrates RBS
  • Organic composition and molecular fingerprint identification FTIR
  • Thin film and trace contamination analysis SIMS


Micro and macro crystallinity of your materials can analyzed  to provide understanding of changes in various growth parameters.

  • Crystallinity (phase identification) and grain size analysis of bulk materials XRD
  • Micro-crystallinity (phase identification) TEM
  • Grain size and surface analysis SEM

Surface Characterization

Surface analysis such as roughness and composition can be tested.

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