Focused Ion Beam


Focused Ion Beam

The Focused Ion Beam system utilizes a highly focused beam of ions to locally sputter/mill materials. By milling a sample surface with the FIB, buried regions of a sample can be exposed.  The FIB system is frequently used for sub-micron sample preparation for transmission electron microscopy (TEM) or scanning electron microscopy (SEM) when traditional manual methods do not provide the precision needed.   The dual beam system with FIB and SEM columns allow the user to view the sample at a high enough magnification to select a specific area for x-section.    The FIB removes the material from the surrounding areas so the sample can be removed from the surface. Coupled with an Omniprobe in-situ lift-out system,  the sample is removed and placed on a grid.  TEM sample preparation with FIB is very accurate and reproducible. 

FIB techniques are primarily used in microelectronics to look at device cross-sections to verify process parameters, process changes, manufacturing defects or failures.  Additionally, when equipped with a GIS (gas injection system) the ion beam can be used to locally deposit materials and can be used for circuit modification, voltage contrast analysis, and micro-machining.



  • FEI Strata 400S Dual Beam
  • Beam FIB with Omniprobe insitu lift out and STEM

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